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Creative storyteller with passion for art & connection. Portland, Oregon.

Please, just be honest

i want you to be honest with me




in a way that lays you bare.

then exposed and vulnerable,

i want you to see me

to see how i've always known you

i've always seen you

you've always been exposed to me

and i want you to feel that fear

to let the terror fill your veins with ice

and then i want you to exhale

and realize that it's all okay

that you're not as hideous as you feel

and that your shadows aren't really all that special

you're not that dark,

your brooding is quite ordinary

and then i want you to let yourself off the hook

to stop self-flagellating,

bathing yourself in your own blood

just to bear witness to the fear you feel in every inch of your brittle bones

i want to watch you incubate

regrowing a spine that was never really all that strong

becoming who you've always been

and walking off, happy and alone,

the love between us a ghost,

a memory

lurking in the dark corners of your insides.

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