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Creative storyteller with passion for art & connection. Portland, Oregon.

[Acrylics, mostly]

I've wanted to paint and draw and "be creative" most of my life, but never gave myself the time or the space to practice; to develop my inherent creativity.


Instead, I spent years jealous of anyone who could paint, or draw, or express themselves creatively, not realizing it was a practice and that creativity is accessible to all.


Like many others, 2020 gave me the opportunity to try something new. It started with little shapes and watercolors and has evolved into a deep, moody palette of phthalo greens, blacks, teals, and blues with a hint of gold that have a rich, textured, oceanic vibe to them.


I create multiples at a time, of varying sizes, and love each one. They express the often turbulent, uncontrollable, and hard to understand feelings I feel most of the time.


I'm so grateful for this art practice. Please reach out if you're interested in adorning your home with any of these!

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