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Case Study: Aimsir Distilling

Product launch support of Vaettir Aquavit


The Task

With the goal of bringing people into the world of aquavit, we focused on developing a strategy that would make Vaettir aquavit a new favorite among Portlanders.


We developed key messages that integrated the spirits’ namesake mythological creatures and a general tone of whimsy, wrote and distributed a press release, developed cocktails that put a twist on classic cocktails, strategically pitched local media, and hosted a Midsommar market that celebrated the launch of the spirit and the neighborhood makers surrounding the distillery and tasting room.


Launch Strategy

Portland is well-known for its incredible spirits, but Aquavit is a Scandinavian spirit still finding its audience in Portland. There is confusion around what the spirit is and for many, it’s anise-forward flavor is an acquired taste.


I was tasked with making Vaettir aquavit resonate with Portlanders in a way that celebrated the spirit and made it accessible to Portlanders’ unique tastes.


The news of the launch of Vaettir aquavit was published in leading trade publications BevNet and Craft Spirits Magazine and our Midsommar market was attended by local influencers, residents, and local writers and editors.


Building on the momentum of the launch, Vaettir Aquavit has since won several awards and was even featured in an article in Paste about the rise of American aquavit.

Aimsir Distilling Co.'s cocktails made with Vaettir Aquavit

Photo courtesy Aimsir Distilling

Portland, Oregon’s Aimsir Distilling Company is a woman- and family-owned distillery in the heart of Northeast Portland. Their bespoke tasting room is reminiscent of the gilded 1920s, with art-deco interiors and bottle design.

Lessons Learned

Developing a profile for a new (or even new-ish) category in a region is a substantial task, but through aquavit twists on classic cocktails such as the Aquavit Negroni, Aquavit Martini, and Aquavit French 75, and a welcoming market, we were able to introduce and re-introduce the spirit to Portlanders.

When they set out to launch their newest spirit, Vaettir Aquavit, named after the supernatural entities of Norse mythology,  I was eager to lend support.

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