Kenosha. Fuck the Police.

Jesus. Fucking. Christ. I am so goddamn angry. I am so angry at the fucking police who shot Jacob Black IN THE BACK for breaking up a fight. His kids saw him shot. He’s paralyzed from the waist down. He wasn’t doing anything wrong. He was punished for...being Black. That’s absolutely awful, but what’s worse?

This shit is commonplace. This is happening all the time. Black people are shot and killed by police more often than white people. White kids committing actual crimes (like the 17 year old fucker who shot 3 protesters with a fucking assault rifle and killed 2--he’s too young to have a gun, he grabbed it in front of police, he was allowed to leave and wasn’t arrested until he got home) are allowed to walk home, but a Black person sleeping in her house is murdered with an absurd amount of shots because the cops made a mistake? How is this right? How is this okay? How can you see these things and not see the disparity in our “justice” system?

I’m honestly asking.

How do you see that fucking kid do what he did, and get arrested the way he did and not see how absolutely appalling he is?

How do you see innocent Black people being murdered for doing NOTHING wrong and not see that as a problem?

Why do you rush to defend the police?

Why do you rush to find crimes in Jacob Blake’s past? Or George Floyd’s past? Or any of the multiple Black men killed at the hands of police?

Because it’s easier to think that it’s just a few bad cops, or that they deserved to die because they were criminals. It’s easier to think that our systems are in place to support everyone, and that these systems, and these people, are there to truly serve and protect, and live up to their ideals.

It’s so much easier to write it off as “well, they shouldn’t have been out after curfew,” or say awful things like “play stupid games, win stupid prizes” instead of facing the truth that the United States has two different systems of justice, and that this country does not serve and protect Black people.

It sucks to realize that the systems we believe are there to serve and protect us, to serve justice fairly, to help make our world a bit safer every day, are not doing that, and were never really intended to do that.

The police were created to protect property. They don’t solve crimes. They don’t protect anyone except maybe wealthy property owners.

It’s tough to realize that all of the shows that show us police fighting for what’s right and serving justice are idealistic fictions, and not reality. I would absolutely LOVE to live in the Brooklyn 99 universe, or the Law & Order universe, but we don’t. That is simply not the world we live in.

The more we (white people) refuse to see what is actually happening, no matter how hard to see it (which is, of course, a position of privilege--white people can choose to not see racism and white supremacy at work, Black people and people of color have no such privilege), the more we perpetuate these systems, rooted in white supremacy.

If you’re sick of protests, listen to the protesters.

If you’re sick of property damage, listen to the protesters.

If you’re sick of people calling you racist, think about why people are calling you racist, and probably change.

If you rush to defend the cops and criminalize the recently injured or dead, think about why, and be okay to sit with the discomfort that follows. Discomfort is a small price to pay.

Discomfort is a great tool. Use it to highlight and examine your prejudices and your internalized learning. Use it to grow. Use it to be better.

If any of this made you angry because you defend cops and hate that I’m “defending rioters,” please reach out. I’d love to know how you came to those conclusions and why you’re actually angry.

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