People Want to Help, Just Put Yourself Out There Already!

People want to help.

A friend of mine posted on Facebook that she was moving, and looking for jobs. I reached out to the people I knew in that city, asking if they knew of anything, or if they needed someone with her skill set. It was literally not a big deal. She asked, I wanted to help, and I could, so I did. Done.

So why is it that when I need help or am looking for something, that my inclination is to wait around until it happens for me, or struggle to pull something together for myself?

A few weeks ago I was craving a creative collaboration and I was scared to put myself out there. I did it anyway.

And I was fucking terrified. What if nobody responded? Or worse, what if someone shit on my dreams and said that there was no way anyone would want to work with me?

That didn’t happen. I am friends with some amazingly creative people who are doing such cool shit and several of them responded saying, “let’s do it!” I’m even going to be a guest on my friend’s creepy-murder-true crime podcast in a bit. I’m so excited.

An old acquaintance from high school reached out to me, and we chatted for about forty five minutes about his life—he was dealing with some serious shit. I was able to be a good listener for him when he needed it, which made me feel awesome.

I put myself out there, and I got great responses back.

One (insanely early) morning, I talked to my BodyPump instructor after class, and told her that I was a certified yoga instructor and that I was kind of looking to teach again. She gave me the email of her supervisor and I just had a meeting with her. I might be teaching yoga again soon.

I did the work, put myself out there, and got good stuff back.

For me, it’s basically, ask for what you want and need. People want to help. I helped without even thinking. It was such a non-issue.

Ask for that informational interview, take someone out to coffee, share your interests, and be who you are.

We’re all craving authenticity (I can’t even get into alternative facts right now), we all want true, honest communication. Be that for someone else, and if you’re craving it, ask for it.

You never know what will happen.

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