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Case Study: Face Rock Creamery

Owned media mangement: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and monthly newsletters


Face Rock Creamery, a renowned creamery based in Bandon, Oregon, has gained local acclaim for its award-winning cheese curds, with a standout favorite being the garlic-infused variety named Vampire Slayer.


Recognizing the innovative ways customers were transforming these curds into culinary delights, from jalapeno poppers to grilled cheese sandwiches, Face Rock engaged our services to manage their owned media channels, encompassing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and monthly newsletters.


Our mission was to harness this creativity and position Face Rock as the quintessential "cook's" cheese.


Central to our strategy was showcasing the versatility of Face Rock's products. We curated and sourced recipes, presenting them through engaging photos and detailed guides across all social media channels and in the monthly newsletter.


Capitalizing on food- and beverage-themed holidays added an extra layer of engagement, and we strategically interacted with other culinary accounts and influencers within the industry.

Our overarching goal was to boost engagement on all social media platforms by 60 percent over a six-month period.


Through a concerted effort involving consistent posting, creative content creation, clear messaging, compelling copy, and daily interaction across all platforms, we surpassed expectations.


In just six months, we achieved a remarkable 500% increase in engagement, far surpassing the initial goal of 60 percent.

Key Learnings

The success of this endeavor underscored a universal truth – people are constantly seeking inventive ways to reimagine classic foods, and cheese is no exception.


Our strategy of developing accessible recipes, consistently sharing them, and implementing a robust hashtag strategy proved instrumental in significantly growing Face Rock's social media accounts.


This project, executed during my tenure at a Portland-based food and beverage-focused PR agency, showcased the power of strategic content curation in driving meaningful engagement and brand affinity.

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