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I'm a relentlessly curious multi-hyphenate professionally specializing in storytelling, public relations, and owned content (specifically newsletters, web content, and social media).

I've been working in PR for nearly a decade, following a decade of managing coffee shops and working in restaurants. I know how to work hard and do so creatively, making the abstract come to life through  memorable experiences and fostering profound connections.

Creativity is the life force behind all of my work. In my non-working hours, I love to travel, cook, take photos (film, phone, and DSLR), paint (acrylic, oil, and watercolor), work in collage, listen to music (live, CD, vinyl, Spotify), and write fiction and poetry.

I'd love to chat and learn more about you. Let's work together!

rachel [at] sandstrom morrison [dot] com

Thanks for being here!

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